20+ Years at Children's National Medical Center

20+ Years at Children's National Medical Center

Over the past 20+ years and counting, VarcoMac has worked with Children's National Medical Center to complete projects that vary greatly in size and scope. Our electricians have worked on projects as small as the modernization of the welcome sign along Michigan Avenue (pictured above) to projects as large as the East Wing Addition and the Chiller Plant Replacement.

VarcoMac has continued to maintain a strong presence at the hospital over the years by:

  • Working closely alongside major general contractors on various projects, including Clark Construction Group, Whiting-Turner Contracting Company, and HITT Contracting
  • Maintaining a safe work environment by strictly following hospital procedure
  • Establishing relationships with hospital staff, allowing VarcoMac to work more efficiently
  • Making itself readily available to hospital staff and other contractors to perform daily tasks, such as minor maintenance, demo, and localized power outages

VarcoMac's portfolio of work at Children's National Medical Center represents the trust that has been established between contractor and customer, and it is just another example of how VarcoMac earns its repeat business.

Location: Washington, D.C.
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