Discovery Communications World Headquarters

Discovery Communications World Headquarters

This 850,000 square foot office building with twin high-rise towers is downtown Silver Spring's most recognizable landmark. VarcoMac worked with Clark Construction to install its electrical infrastructure, which included four incoming electrical services, an emergency generator and emergency power distribution, and an electric slab heating system.

Perhaps the building's most noticeable feature is the advanced DMX lighting control system for the building's exterior LED lights. The color changing LED lights on the building's exterior illuminate its shiny metal facade, and provide a stunning view of the building at night.

The Discovery Communications World Headquarters was recognized in 2009 by the Electrical Alliance, NECA, and the Washington Business Journal for being the only building in the Washington metro area to receive LEED® Platinum certification for projects exceeding 100,000 square feet.


  • Washington Building Congress' Craftsmanship Award, 2004 | Lighting Systems
  • LEED Platinum certified
Discovery Communications World Headquarters
Project Cost: $8,500,000
Location: Silver Spring, Maryland
Client: Clark Construction Group, LLC