VarcoMac – Your 24/7 Power Source

The challenges of managing a business are constantly changing. Your power supply, however, must remain constant – 24/7. Moreover, new sources of energy are evolving rapidly and connections to smart meters and smart grids require sophisticated electrical systems that only a select few contractors can handle.

That’s why you need VarcoMac.

VarcoMac has grown to become one of the Washington region's most trusted electrical contractors by consistently providing the technical knowledge, talent and customer service needed to deliver quality electrical installations.

VarcoMac helps clients achieve LEED certification by properly installing elements in the critical Energy and Atmosphere credit category, and making valuable recommendations for substitutions that can earn more LEED points.

Our in house project engineers are skilled in CAD and engineering drawings to implement the most sophisticated, “smart” building systems. They work closely with our full-time purchasing staff to find the best material prices from across the country. Our independent estimating department puts together bids that are accurate and competitive.

To keep sharp and constantly ahead of the curve, field and office staff are regularly trained in productivity, management, estimating, purchasing, scheduling and equipment operation. Safety is one of our most important concerns. We train and certify all our employees, and offer incentives for safe performance. We have an active drug-testing program to maintain safety and quality at all our job sites.